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Lesvos April 2016

A group of ten members plus one non-member enjoyed a two week holiday on the Greek island of Lesvos from the 16th to the 30th of April. The northerly migration was fairly quiet initially but soon got underway and became quite frenetic. A very good number of resident birds, migrant breeders and passage migrants were seen and every member of the team had lifers. Butterflies, dragonflies and orchids were also much in evidence.

The weather was very good, quite hot at times and with very little rain. The hotel and its staff were excellent. Food, drink and hospitality in the hotel and in the various hostelries were of a high order.

The team were invited to attend a local primary school for a question and answer session with a group of 10 -11 year old students on the basic question of why large numbers of birders come to Lesvos each spring. This stemmed from the environmental studies element of their curriculum. Four team members attended what turned out to be a thoroughly absorbing and interesting session lasting for two hours in which some very good questions were asked by an enthusiastic group in good English.

A fuller account of the trip is expected to be published in the Autumn Newsletter.

A team of six members of the AOS were staying at a nearby hotel for the week 16 – 23 April.