Expeditions are of at least 1 week duration and often longer. We aim to have UK and Overseas expeditions in rotation. There are also regular annual expeditions held for a specific purpose, these are to gather scientific data for national agencies such as BTO/RSPB/WWT and JNCC. RAFOS personnel have also conducted expeditions on behalf of overseas NGO’s such as Birds Australia, GONHS, and Birdlife International.

Winter Duck, Scotland

An annual WeBs count of the west coast of Scotland. This is an ardouous expedition and a reasonable level of fitness is required. Conditions may be cold and wet, accommodation is basic and a lot of walking is involved.

Bird Fair & Catterick Ringing

Weekend event lead by Julia Springett, suitable for all levels of experience and fitness. Meet up at the Bird Fair then travel up to Catterick for a ringing experience weekend at Foxglove Covert

Led by Julia Springett, Hosted by AOS on the MoD estate

Overseas Expeditions

Destinations are chosen according to need and have included Gibraltar, Australia, Cyprus, Austria, Hungary and Spain. We are normally tasked by local organisations with ringing, surveys or whatever may be required. Fitness and experience vary between tasks and will be advised.

UK Expeditions

Often these will involve islands, many of them quite remote. Skokholm, Lundy, Bardsey and Sanda have been visited as well as some of the Hebrides. Mainland expeditions have included BTO Atlas work in Scotand and Lincolnshire, the MoD Birdcount at RAF Leuchars and the very successful ‘Cornish Chough’ series.

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