Contents of the old website now available

Earlier in 2016 George Candelin transferred the contents of the old website onto a memory stick. That stick found its way to me and so I extracted the contents and have prepared them as an archive on the current website. Most of the contents have been uploaded to the current site with some residual items yet to do.

Uploaded: Expedition summaries – brief notes of virtually all expeditions from 1966 to the late nineties. Full accounts of the Outer Hebrides 2000 Seabird Census and the 2001 Varangerfjord, Norway survey. Contents listings of Journal No.’s 01 (1966) to 28 (1999). Contents listing of Newsletters No.’s 01 (July 1966) to 69 (Spring 2000) although Newsletters around no.’s 60 to 65 are currently missing.



The RAFOS 2017 Calendar

The RAFOS 2017 Calendar has 13 A4 pages featuring some excellent photographs from several RAFOS members. It is available from Martin Routledge for a donation to cover postage at 2nd class of £1.20. An additional donation to RAFOS funds would be much appreciated. Please give generously.

Cheques, made payable to RAFOS, should be sent to:

Martin Routledge

Hawthorne Barn

Buckingham Road



HP22 4DR



Problems addressed

The problems recently notified re accessing certain content have now generally been resolved such that just about all elements of the web site are working correctly.

The root problem was with Microsoft Office which has now been resolved but also relevant documents have been converted to OpenOffice and PDF formats for ease of access.

Several other aspects of the web site, in particular the Discussion Board, have been improved

Lesvos April 2016

A group of ten members plus one non-member enjoyed a two week holiday on the Greek island of Lesvos from the 16th to the 30th of April. The northerly migration was fairly quiet initially but soon got underway and became quite frenetic. A very good number of resident birds, migrant breeders and passage migrants were seen and every member of the team had lifers. Butterflies, dragonflies and orchids were also much in evidence.

The weather was very good, quite hot at times and with very little rain. The hotel and its staff were excellent. Food, drink and hospitality in the hotel and in the various hostelries were of a high order.

The team were invited to attend a local primary school for a question and answer session with a group of 10 -11 year old students on the basic question of why large numbers of birders come to Lesvos each spring. This stemmed from the environmental studies element of their curriculum. Four team members attended what turned out to be a thoroughly absorbing and interesting session lasting for two hours in which some very good questions were asked by an enthusiastic group in good English.

A fuller account of the trip is expected to be published in the Autumn Newsletter.

A team of six members of the AOS were staying at a nearby hotel for the week 16 – 23 April.

Further enhancement to Members’ Communications

15 Apr 16: A couple of weeks ago a Discussion Board (Message Board) facility was added for all members to be able to Register and Log-in to allow the initiation of new topics or add to existing ones. Topics to be of relevance to RAFOS and its membership and to be reasonable in nature.

Two topics started to get things going: Somerset Levels and Ringing Recoveries.

Enhancing members communications aka BlogSpot

The March 2016 Committee Meeting agreed that the web-site should be expanded to allow additional communications between members to supplement the RAFOS Facebook pages. Any such inputs from members should be routed to me for inputting onto the web-site. To this end I have opened, for starters, a Comms header under which are News and BlogSpot tabs for news, Information, comments, requests, etc, of relevance to the activities of the Society and its members.

I have started an entry, somewhat rambling, with the intention of adding further notes as and when along with inputs from members. Please send inputs to

Web Administrator introduction

With George Candelin stepping down as Webmaster at the 2015 AGM, Ken Earnshaw took on the role of Web Administrator and as such I would like to wish all our members and their families a very happy and prosperous 2016.

In addition, thanks are extended to George for his time as Webmaster in respect of the old website and for steering the new site into the good condition which it is in.

I do hope that Scott’s “Watch the Birdie” campaign will get good support. The forthcoming RAFOS visit to Slimbridge should form a prime source for pictures, weather permitting.

Enough from me for now.